Central Florida Envirothon

Pre-Registration Required by 3/14/2019

2019 Envirothon Current Issue: Agriculture and the Environment: Knowledge and Technology to Feed the World

When:                      April 4, 2019
Where:                     TBA
Time:                        9:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Lunch Provided
Questions:               ann.bishop@fl.nacdnet.net or 352-414-7808


What is the Envirothon?  The Envirothon is a hands-on environmental problem-solving competition for students in the United States and Canada.  Teams of five students train and compete in five natural resource categories:  i.e., soils, and land use, aquatic ecology, forestry, wildlife, and current environmental issue.  Winning teams advance from a local level, to state, and then to the Maryland Envirothon for an opportunity to compete for recognition, scholarships and prizes.

MSWCD will provide the local level team a Travel Trophy, a stipend for travel to the state level and the team’s registration fee.

Combining in-class curriculum and hands-on field experiences, the Envirothon program is an excellent way to supplement environmental education inside and outside the traditional classroom.  Envirothon participants gain valuable knowledge and training in ecology and natural resource management principles and practices.  Many students step away from the Envirothon experience excited about learning and motivated to pursue careers in environmental studies, environmental law, natural sciences, and natural resource management.

Study guide materials, test questions, and general contest information may be obtained from the state or national websites:

www.eco-tan.org/FloridaEnvirothon.html and www.envirothon.org