Found Art

Theme:  Watersheds….

Our Water, Our Homes

Rules:  for a complete list of rules and updates please visit our website (
1)      Open to all Marion County students in grades K through 12, on an individual basis.
2)      Art size must not exceed 2’ x 2’ x 2’. Please note size change.
3)      Art work should be easy to lift, move and not be excessively heavy.
4)      Art work must be secure. The MSWCD is not responsible for missing or broken items.
5)      Art work must be an original piece and designed by the contestant.
6)      Art work must incorporate and be predominately made of “junk,” unwanted items. Items used must last until the project is judged.
7)      Art work must be labeled with a list of items used and what the art work is trying to resemble. For example, a Gopher Tortoise made with soda cans and Styrofoam. Please ATTACH your name, grade and teacher’s name on your art work.
8)      Official Entry forms must be completed in full and turned in with the art work. See below for entry form.
9)      Failure to comply with contest rules disqualifies contestant.  Entries can still be judged; however, no award(s) will be given for disqualifications.
Judging Criteria:  Judges will score entries based on the following:
Likeness to the actual animal
40 points
Design and Composition
30 points
Effective use of materials
30 points
Awards: Art work will be judged in five divisions: K-1st; 2nd-3rd; 4th-6th; 7th-9th and10th-12th.
Each of the five divisions will receive awards for 1st Place ($50), 2nd Place ($25), and 3rd Place ($10).
All other participants will receive a ribbon or certificate of participation.
DEADLINE:  Deliver posters to Marion Soil and Water Conservation District 2441 NE 3rd St., Suite 204-2 Ocala, FL 34470
By:  Wednesday, November 8, 2017 – 4:30 p.m. PLEASE CALL BEFORE DELIVERY.
 Participation:  MSWCD reserves the right to display art work, participant’s names, school, etc. throughout the 2017-2018 school year.  Division winners will be notified by MSWCD.  Art work may be picked up at the MSWCD’s office after the contest or at the Awards Ceremony.  MSWCD is not responsible for returning art work.
For additional information contact Marion SWCD (352) 622-3971 opt. 3 or by email at

Found Art Entry 2017.2018

Found Art Rules 2017.2018

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